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Client & Student Comments


     "I spent so much time drawing my brows in every day, and was never happy with the results always seemed to manage to get one thicker than the other. I had over plucked and they just never grew back. Sarah has given me the shape I always wanted, and as they are individual hair strokes they look so natural I will be having a touch up in a few weeks time as recommended by Sarah, this will give me the final brows I have always wanted, without the hassle of drawing every day, I never was any good at art. Sarah has a way of putting you at ease you hardly feel any pain. This is a beauty treatment I would certainly recommend as a good brow line enhances the eyes, and even without make-up you don't feel quite so bare."    

Margaret - Skelmersdale



     " I had considered having traditional semi-permanent make up to touch up and enhance my brows. Whilst I was happy with the shape I was conscious that there were some gaps and so I would pencil the gaps in. I had reservations about the traditional methods in case I didn't like it. The microplating appealed to me due to its more subtle and precise method.  Sarah immediately put me at ease and explained the process. I was nervous but Sarah's approach is very much 'less is more' and so I was reassured that I wouldn't have those infamous Scouse brows.  I wanted a very natural look so that it enhanced my natural brows without looking like I'd actually had something done. Sarah has absolutely achieved this. I didn't have the area numbed and can say that the process is most like a small scratch and so there is no lingering pain. You can return to work straight afterwards without people wondering what you've done.  Sarah is lovely. She is a perfectionist and passionately believes in what she does. I'd happily recommend her to other people."

Sarra - Childwall


     "As somebody with no hairs at all I was a little nervous about having microblading. I have had semi permanent tattoos in the past that had gone a strange pink colour so was constantly using a pencil and checking them all the time. The results of Sarah's work is amazing I now have perfect eyebrows and look like I have hair for the first time in years! Sarah is extremely professional and knowledgeable and totally made me feel at ease. No more tattooing or pencils for me in the future I shall be recommending microblading and Sarah to everybody from now on."

Lisa - Billinge



     "I had totally give up on my brows, and just drew them in ??… Sarah sorted me out ! I am really happy with the results so far.. I believe a little fading of colour may happen through my research which is normal, hence a top up treatment may be needed. Sarah made be feel very relaxed through the procedure and it was not at all what I would call painful (though I thought it would be) ! One happy bunny here"


Ally - Wigan



     "I am so pleased with my eyebrows! Sarah's precision and attention to detail has left me with really natural looking eyebrows that suit my face perfectly. Sarah's knowledge of semi permanent make up took away all my nerves and made me feel very comfortable, her friendly, bubbly and welcoming personalty made also made the procedure time fly. Thank you."

Jane - Parbold



     "Pity I couldn't give her six stars! Sarah rescued my (decades of over-plucked) brows and gave me the brows I don't really deserve (considering the battering mine have had). Having plucked my top line away (shame :() in a vain attempt to tame my youthful 'Dennis Healeys' I consequently struggled to create symmetry eventually giving in to the futility of it alland then……. Along came Sarah.

I honestly couldnt believe the difference my 'Dennis Healeys' made to my face. She re-created my long, lost shape and in the most natural effect you could imagine. NOT a thick, felt tipped, 'scouse brow' look but rather a totally natural, brush stroke effect which literally took years off my face and believe it or not, I did notice a lot more attention from the male (grandad) species which incidentally, is rather flattering after a decade or two of nothing."

Cath - Latham

     "Sarah has changed my life with her very high standard work. Before I met Sarah my brows were terrible I couldn't leave the house without pencilling them on, i was very embarrassed of the way they looked! I really can't thank Sarah Hesketh enough! Highly recommend xxx"

Katie - Ormskirk


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