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Bare Face Microblade Therapists

Find some of the UKs most experienced therapists

Therapists who are supported or have trained through Bare Face Beauty Limited can offer microblade brows or in some cases other manual SPMU procedures.


Each therpaist operates under their own business. Each procedure is tailored to their clients face, bone structure and colouring. They can transform patchy over-plucked brows or missing brows due to medical conditions to suit the individual client.


The procedure will takes approx 2 hours and any pinkness of the skin will subside usually within 1/2 hour meaning you can go about your everyday business almost immeadiately after a treatment. Due to the nature of the method you will gain brow symetry without your brows being a carbon copy of each other. 


Please contact your nearest therapist to discuss further and at your consultation your therapist will advise you of the results you can expect to achieve and how long the treatment is expected to last for your particular skin type. 


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